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Welcome to the other side of the mirror, I’m Melissa and I accompany you on this mystical journey to ancient and distant places never forgotten by your soul.

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The talismans are energetic beings that connect to you and your energy, and speaking the language of the soul help you build your intention and move towards it in the most beautiful way possible.

My art catalyses positive energy that can interact with your state of mind and emotions.

Since 2007, I have been trained in holistic therapies with different “masters” of false light until I took action and broke the veil of fog around me and got scared when I saw how terrible the false light was.


My idea of ​​a therapy is that the person leaves at the end of such sessions autonomously and with a direction in their life, and not of a dependence on mentors, therapists and “masters” of false light.

Tezcatl means mirror, and it refers to the simplicity of reflection when we let go of all chaos and just allow Being.

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My arts are created at the level of etheric and subtle energy, each one of them is totally unique and cannot be repeated or recreated due to its special energetic structure that connects energetically to its bearer.

Clarity brings Serenity

Each piece has a special energy structure, which makes them unique and unrepeatable.

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